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The way we plan and design cities is changing, and we need to think differently. As innovators and thought leaders, CoDesign Studio regularly produce publications, run masterclasses, host visiting experts, and more. We’d love to tailor training for your team.


CoDesign’s much sought-after speaking team has presented to audiences as diverse as public health, property development and urban design. With a TED talk under our belt, and a track record speaking to local and global audiences from councils to the United Nations, we’d love to share our story with you.


Sharing knowledge is a powerful way to make neighbourhood improvements more accessible to communities. The following free downloads, published by CoDesign Studio, are packed with tips and tactics for making your neighbourhood better.


Strategy Workshop: Place Activation

The facilitated Place Activation Workshop helps your staff work together across departments, to develop a strategy to activate local spaces quickly, cost-effectively, and with community support.

Masterclass: Tactical Urbanism

The Tactical Urbanism Masterclass is a first step to unpack how local spaces can be activated quickly, cost-effectively, and with community support. With experience across 50 tactical urbanism projects in Australia, CoDesign Studio has pioneered a simple four-step methodology to help you activate places and get results in 90 days.

Bespoke Program: Tactical Urbanism

The bespoke Tactical Urbanism Program gives your staff and local leaders comprehensive training and mentoring to unpack how specific local spaces can be activated quickly, cost-effectively, and with community support.


Watch our TED Talk on designing for social impact, from CoDesign Studio’s co-founder Lucinda Hartley.

We regularly speak at conferences and events across Australia, and around the world. Get in touch if you’d like us to speak at your event.