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Charles Street Parklet Trial, Abbotsford

Abbotsford suffers from a typical urban problem – it is a dense neighbourhood much in need of public open space – so the City of Yarra proposed transforming quiet back street into local parks.

Charles Street Parklet tested this concept, to see if residents would support the idea (and the parklet itself) before money was invested in a permanent open space. Following a thorough engagement with residents, both on-site and online, CoDesign Studio designed and installed a bright new temporary park for a ten-day test drive. The community was invited to contribute to the build and offer direction, and to provide feedback on the pros and cons of the parklet at on-site voting and feedback stations.

At the end of the trial, CoDesign collated local feedback to provide Council with a considered evaluation of the temporary space: its challenges, its wins, and its future potential. This trial was an exciting step forward in trying to increase open space within the City of Yarra; the 1:1 prototype gave the community the chance to engage with the space, and Council tested new feedback mechanisms to support public space development into the future.