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Our Services

CoDesign Studio is a social enterprise design consultancy that is dedicated to creating resilient, thriving neighbourhoods for everyone.

Our award-winning collaborative city-making methodology is used by local governments, developers and communities to inspire active citizenship and create places that build social cohesion. Based upon the principals of Tactical Urbanism, our approach uses low-cost, short term intervention to catalyse long-term change. Drawing on our experience across over 50 projects across Australia, our 4-step methodology helps you test ideas and transform places in less that 90 days.

Place Diagnostics

Gather data about how people use and experience your space so you can make decisions based on evidence.

Experiential Community

Understand the needs of the local community so you can make good decisions, and develop sustainable outcomes.

Place Activation and
Design Testing

Find new uses for underutilised spaces, or activate new spaces.

Placemaking and
Urban Strategy

Great spaces are so much more than paving, furniture and streets, they’re people and places. Build meaningful, inclusive places that people want to be in, from the ground up.